Sanford, NC — Oct. 13, 2015 — Hand dexterity is essential in the coordination of small muscle movements of the fingers and hand and Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the company’s hand grippers facilitate that mobility in fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Loss of dexterity can arise from multiple causes and the firm’s hand grippers offer people a low-cost way to regain strength and control.

“Coordinating the fingers and hands to perform tasks can be impaired as people get older, after an injury, and if nerve damage is present” said Currey. “Hand grippers provide an easy way to exercise the pertinent muscles to improve dexterity.”

Hand dexterity is a complex function requiring the synchronization of the hands and fingers. If those muscles, tendons and ligaments lack strength, it can be difficult to accomplish a multitude of tasks, from buttoning a shirt and lifting a fork to opening a door or playing a musical instrument.

Hand dexterity is needed to perform fine and gross motor skill actions and that ability can be affected or impaired in a variety of ways. Dexterity includes the use of the wrists and forearms for activities that range from swimming to picking up objects. The loss of dexterity can result from conditions that include developmental disabilities, injuries, stroke, nerve damage, and an extensive array of diseases.

While many people engage in a rigorous exercise routine to maintain body fitness, the hands are typically ignored. The results of an experiment published in the Perceptual and Motor Skills journal showed that there’s a significant difference in strength and dexterity between the right and left hands. The findings are directly related to grip strength and grippers can alleviate that disparity.

Hand grippers offer an effective way to improve finger and hand dexterity that also benefits the wrists and forearms. The hand grippers by Supreme Squeeze provide individuals with 66 lbs. of pressure with which to exercise and strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Strong hands alleviate damage that can occur through repetitive motion activities that can affect nerves.

Supreme Squeeze hand grippers are small and compact for convenient use anytime and anywhere. They feature foam rubber grips, allowing individuals to use them in complete comfort. The hand grippers are sold in sets of two and there’s no need to purchase grippers of graduating strengths. Each purchase is accompanied by free bonus materials that provide training tips and exercises.

The hand grippers by Supreme Squeeze is an affordable way to maintain strength in fingers, hands, wrists and forearms that enhances dexterity for a variety of everyday tasks. A great number of factors can affect dexterity, from age to injuries. The firm’s hand grippers provide young and old with the means to improve strength and overall dexterity.

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