Sanford, NC — Dec. 1, 2015 — Physical therapists have known the benefits of hand grippers in rehabilitation for decades. They strengthen the hands, wrists and forearms, providing a better grip, endurance and stability for performing everyday tasks. They’re used around the world by physical therapists to address hand and wrist related conditions involving the muscles, tendons and nerves.

“The use of hand grippers is beneficial for achieving a variety of rehabilitation goals,” said Currey. “If your physical therapist doesn’t specifically prescribe the therapy, always check with him or her first to ensure your physical condition is at a stage to use them successfully.”

Hand grippers play an integral role in physical therapy practices, providing a rehabilitation method that can be used within the clinical environment or at home for ongoing progress. The devices don’t rely on endless repetitions to achieve results, can be easily incorporated into daily routines and exercises don’t take long to perform.

Hand gripper design has changed over time, but the devices have been used for thousands of years in warrior and martial arts training, to prepare for ancient Olympic contests, and to rehabilitate injuries sustained in multiple pursuits. They promote flexibility, range of motion, and coordination, while reducing the risk of future injuries and disability.

The devices maintain and restore functional strength following fractures and tendon injuries, and for treating and preventing conditions that include carpal tunnel. Hand grippers are beneficial for a range of injuries that require extended inactivity of the fingers, hand, wrist or forearm. The use of hand grippers promotes circulation and has the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety.

The ability to grasp and manipulate items is severely curtailed following an injury and without sufficient strengthening, the injured area is more susceptible to being injured again. People with repetitive motion jobs are at increased risk for developing carpal tunnel, a condition that affects nerves and muscles and can be alleviated with the use of a hand strengthener.

Supreme Squeeze hand grippers offer individuals 66 lbs. of resistance for rehabilitation. Sold in sets of two, they feature carbon steel construction and foam hand grips for comfort. Each purchase comes with free bonus materials of training and exercise tips to obtain maximum benefit.

Hand grippers are an important tool for physical therapists to restore patients’ hand and grip strength, coordination and flexibility following any injury that requires the hand, wrist or forearm to be inactive for an extensive amount of time. They’re affordable, portable, and offer an ongoing method of therapy for those with carpal tunnel and repetitive motion jobs.
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