Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China; 16, July 2015: People who love to catch the memorable moments of their life can now rely on the A3 Action Camera introduced by Supremevalue International Company. With a 2.0" touch screen and the 8X zoom feature, it can allow a person easily catch objects at far-off distances. From travelers to an amateur photographer, everyone can find the camera simple to use while capturing HD quality images.

A3 Action Camera

According to the company spokesperson, this wifi Action Camera allows capturing distant actions, like surfing and other fun activities. The camera features a superior waterproof technology with a great resistant against water up to a 50M depth. This is the reason why this camera is perfect for underwater shooting. The camera has a 120° view angle to cover a large landscape for shooting purposes, and the view angle can be widen further to capture scenes and sceneries in a desired manner.

The spokesperson maintains that A3 Camera has far better specifications and features in comparison to other similar products in the market. The product has been released for global digital product dealers and distributors who can find the camera considerably salable among the consumers of their respective markets. According to the spokesperson, the company has first introduced the X5 Sport Camera with world’s first 2.0” screen technology. The camera is highly saleable product across the world, and the spokesperson is confident that A3 camera will also create its specific market in the world.

The A3 Camera can be used in the hands-free mode as well, and bicyclers, bikers, surfers and others can install the camera on the helmet, and it will keep recording every moment of a person’s adventurous trip. The camera is available with a full range of accessories for installation purposes. The spokesperson reveals that the company believes to come up with new digital products that can allow the modern consumer to lead a happy, contented and fun-filled life, and A3 camera is the new addition in this direction. To learn more about this camera, one may visit the website

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