28, July 2015: Surface renew is expanding their proven bathtub repair process of resurfacing bathtubs in homes to the hotel and motel industry. Chains including Holiday Inn Express in Fayetteville and La Quinta Inn in North Little Rock are updating their rooms without breaking the bank.

Bathtub Repair Surface Renew

The Surface Renew process makes bathtubs and tile look new without all the mess and considerable expense of replacement. It’s also good for the environment. There’s no need to haul tubs and tile to landfills, instead they are updated and their use is extended for many additional years.

This practice of upcycling by resurfacing is the brainchild of owner Bob Kennedy and his partner Ryan Schatz. Often tile is found in bathrooms from floor to ceiling. Thanks to Surface Renew, the tedious process of removing tile only to replace it is no longer necessary. Not only can bathrooms be made to look new, colors and finishes can also be changed.

Clients are so happy with the results that they are hiring Surface Renew over and over again. Generally bathtubs that have been resurfaced have a 7 year shelf life. Ten years ago the La Quinta Inn in North Little Rock made the wise choice of hiring Bob and Ryan to resurface 101 bathtubs. Because of the quality of Surface Renew’s product and process, the work they did lasted three years longer than the norm, saving the client a considerable amount of money.

They were so pleased with the quality of the work and the quality of the shelf life of the resurfacing that they are bringing them back again to do the same process to the same bathtubs. Learn more about bathtub repair here: http://surface-renew.com/articles/repairoldbathtubsinktilesurface

The La Quinta tubs are once again getting resurfaced and are becoming a clean crisp modern white, while the floor to ceiling wall tile is being resurfaced with a stone finish. This will give the bathrooms a completely updated look and will attract guests who are interested in staying in clean and modern rooms.

Another fact to consider it that hotel guests are not always careful. Hotel rooms experience many forms of wear and tear, and the bathrooms are not an exception. Tubs sometimes become cracked and there are often burn marks and chips. Although the resurfacing shelf life is normally about 7 years, Surface Renew’s work lasted 10 years, even in hotel rooms where guests of all types come and go. Bringing the same company back again when the process was needed shows the level of trust Surface Renew has earned with their clients.

Bathtub Repair Video: http://youtu.be/h_tnAaZR2wo

The Holiday Inn Express in Fayetteville is also taking advantage of the quality and savings offered by Surface Renew. They are being socially and consciously aware by refinishing rather than replacing the bathtubs and tile in 100 of their hotel rooms. Surface Renew is able to acquire projects from large companies and chains such as this due to their quality of service, product, application and earned trust with the company based on craftsmanship.

They also have a contract in Springdale involving bath and shower resurfacing. They are doing 75 rooms and will resurface the bottom of all of the bathtubs to prevent slip and falls. This hotel is being proactive to make sure they have a safe environment for all guests. Surface Renew has a slip resistant coating for bathtubs that it is designed to create traction when the surface gets wet. When the surface is dry the slip resistant coating is not noticeable.

However, when it gets wet it becomes grippy and provides sure footing. The hotel is concerned about the care and safety of guests and they chose Surface Renew because of their reputation, quality of work and their reputation for getting the job done right the first time.

Contact Bob Kennedy or his partner Ryan Schatz at Surface Renew in Arkansas today to set time for an onsite estimate of bathtub repairs and tile resurfacing. Call 501-920-9326 Central AR or 479-226-0703 in Northwest AR. Visit http://surface-renew.com