One amongst the main concerns with any wound big or small is keeping it clean so having a bandage securely applied with is important. Bandages should be clean and changed frequently so it is imperative that you know where to get more items if your wound needs multiple changes before being healed. Many people however have a surgical tape allergy and need to find substitutes to the standard micro pore surgical tape that most medical professionals use, some even find latex allergies agitated by certain types of tape so it is vital that you know what kind of tape you need to purchase before you go looking. If you happen to be unsure of any allergies it is a lot more important to find something which is as hypoallergenic as possible. Standard surgical tapes can be found from many sources but if you require more specific surgical tape kinds you may have to look elsewhere from the grocery store.

Surgical tape is employed for a variety of reasons, though usually it is for medical purposes a few have found applications elsewhere like using surgical tape for wrinkles as well as blackhead control. The strong adhesive properties in surgical tape also give it applications within the beauty industry. It can be a good way to secure wigs and hair extensions as well. When making use of surgical tape, hair extensions need to be well hidden and generally attach to the scalp instead of the hair follicles or it will rip the existing hair out. The danger with this is that it has to be done by a trained professional. Other purposes for surgical tape include being employed by the tattoo industry to secure bandages following tattoo operations, which although not identical to surgery still require the same hygiene standards. Some places like this will sell tape for touch up functions or they may simply anticipate you to pay the stylists to do it for you and incorporate the cost of the materials.

Your local grocery store is also a great place to start when looking for surgical adhesive tape. They generally carry standard medical tape as well as a number of other ways to secure bandages such as crepe wrap. There is a difference between standard surgical tape and some of the more gentle tapes like micropore tape. Surgical tape is significantly hardier and will be far more likely to cause a surgical tape rash mainly because it adheres so strongly to the skin. This is used by larger bandages that need to be secure, or waterproof because it is hard to get off. Most grocery stores have a small wound care and bandage section so they should have at least one kind of tape if not more.

Local pharmacy chains are also a fantastic place to look for surgical tapes and normally they will also have staff that are more than helpful if you are unsure about allergies. They can generally also show you the correct way to dress your cuts if you are uncertain so that you won't have to make a trip back to the doctors as well as how to remove surgical tape. They usually will also have a larger choice than that found in your normal grocery store.

The difficulty with buying from either of these locations is the fact that they will usually only provide sufficient stock for household usage, i.e one or two rolls at a time. This could be an issue if you are looking to have multiple or will need a regular supply for your needs.

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