A survey recently conducted by the United States Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) did away with a number of long-standing myths regarding all the different types of insurance coverage, including family holiday insurance.

The purpose of this study was to shed some light on a field, which is often a source of confusion for the average layman or woman, and where some odd ‘legends’ and trains of thought continue to prevail. The results of the survey in question will hopefully demonstrate that many of the pre-conceptions held by the general public regarding family holiday insurance (and other types of insurance) are incorrect.

After conducting this survey, the USTIA published a document in which they detailed some of the most common myths prevalent in the field of insurance, and proceeded to set them to rights. Among the preconceptions included in this document were, for instance, the ever-popular ‘I don’t need travel insurance’ and ‘nothing will happen to me’, as well as misconceptions regarding pre-existing conditions, the role of travel insurance in the context of a holiday, and family holiday insurance.

Each of these misconceptions was given its own paragraph, in which USTIA officials attempted to explain why that train of thought was wrong and shed light on all the different features holidaymakers who buy travel insurance have access to.

This type of study is particularly important after this latest one, held earlier this year, revealed some alarming numbers concerning the percentage of Americans who contract travel insurance prior to departing on a trip. According to the USTIA’s survey, only 22 percent of American citizens affected by natural disasters, health issues, family emergencies and other such issues during their holidays or trips were insured. This is a number that corresponds to only one out of every five Americans included in this category — a manifestly low percentage, which the present study seeks to turn around.

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