ChocoLeans® Survey Data Reveals How Sweets Impact Our Daily Diet

October 21, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT - In conjunction with the days up to Halloween of 2015, the team at ChocoLeans has released their findings from a survey on why healthy diets fail. The responses pointed to the fact that sweets cravings are the biggest killer of a healthy diet. The insights in the survey include the surprising fact that Halloween holiday causes adult women to want candy almost as much as children do.

According to the ChocoLeans survey of approximately 700 American women ages 25-65 across the country, 34.7% of those surveyed answered, “Sugar cravings and unhealthy sweets” in response to the question “What is the biggest killer of a healthy diet?” Yet, in spite of this fact, people continue to eat more candy come Halloween.

44.5% of respondents agreed that kids of trick or treating age eat more candy during Halloween. While this statistic may not be surprising, the research revealed that 43% of adult women eat more candy as well. Only 25.4% said that they eat as much sweets as they would on any other day.

Alex at ChocoLeans commented on the survey results, “How does sugar manage to so deeply penetrate our lives despite the fact that most believe that sugar cravings is the biggest killer of a healthy diet?
Other Survey Responses Include:
-When asked, “How many times per week do you eat unhealthy sweets because you are too busy to find a healthy alternative?”

-46.8% of respondents said 1-2 times per week.
-19.8% of respondents said 3-4 times per week .
-14.5% said 5-6 times per week.

-Another question on the survey asked respondents, “When are you most likely to eat something sweet?” 33% of people answered, “When I am stressed” and 27.1% of people said, “When I am happy.”

-Other questions in the survey point out other social factors that influence our sugar intake such as family, work and mood. In the question that asked, “What influences you the most on deciding what kinds of sweets to eat?”

-28.7% of people responded “Family.”
-20.2% of people answered “Friends.”
-The answer was “Family” 34.7% of the time with respondents 35-44 years old.

We are constantly bombarded with images of sugary treats and the only natural defense mechanism we have against sugar is our will power, but even this can only go so far, especially when we are constantly bombarded with images of sweets.

ChocoLeans focus on providing a defense mechanism against sweets as well as other unhealthy cravings. ChocoLeans are individually wrapped, sugar free, dark chocolates that are designed to combat appetite and prevent snacking on unhealthy sweets and junk foods. The goal is to create a scenario where people can look at their favorite sweets and realize they just no longer want it.

Through the ChocoLeans Kickstarter campaign, it is possible for anyone to experience what these delicious dark chocolates have to offer. The goal of the campaign is to both introduce the Kickstarter community to ChocoLeans and to raise funds for product enhancements and R&D.

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ChocoLeans are individually wrapped, sugar free, low calorie, dark chocolates that are only 12 grams each. They have been designed to specifically combat appetite and cravings. Now chocolate lovers can resist unhealthy snacking, improve their food choices and reduce their caloric intake at meal time.

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