Disasters Such as Hurricane Matthew Can be Survived

Clearwater, FL — The threat of a hurricane, such as Matthew which struck Florida and the east coast of the United States, an earthquake, a fire or a tornado is always present. Because of this, it is vital that everyone learn how they can prepare for the worst at little or no cost, and be ready for disaster.

-    What steps do you need to take before disaster strikes?
-    What supplies should you stock?
-    How much water should you have on hand? How should that water be stored?
-    Where should you go if the earth is shaking or a hurricane is threatening?
-    What should you do if an evacuation is ordered?
-    Have you properly prepared your family, your children and your neighbors?

The answers to these questions — and many more — lie within the comprehensive survival preparation guide for those who want to know how to protect themselves and their families. Real World Survival, by CERT-LA trained author Richard G Lowe Jr, pulls together practical advice that you can follow to improve the changes that you and your family will survive a disaster.

About the Author:

Mr. Lowe received CERT-LA training while living in California, and was responsible for Disaster Recovery for Trader Joe’s Company for 20 years. He survived several significant earthquakes and large fires, and wrote this book in order to help others understand they can prepare and be ready when disaster strikes.


by Richard G Lowe Jr
Published by The Writing King
July 10, 2015
Available for the Kindle and in paperback, hardcover and audiobook formats
ISBN: 978-1943517039 in paperback
List price $9.99
Available on Amazon.com myBook.to/Disaster or on Richard’s website: http://www.thewritingking.com
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Richard G Lowe, Jr
340 South Lemon Avenue #5029
Walnut, CA 91789
(727) 475-6487
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