It is said that every piece of this Earth has its own charm. Lajatico (a beautiful place in Tuscany) has more than any other location could want: it owns breathtaking landscapes and it is the homeland of the artist Andrea Bocelli. 

Not until long ago, Realitalia made its appearance on the real estate market and worked on a rich portfolio that could include unique villas and apartments which correspond to the requirements of any potential buyer and home owner in Italy. 

Realitalia seeks to promote a new plan that comes with various advantages that have the power to attract a higher number of tourists. First of all, by implementing an outstanding business method, the living experience of both owners and guests will be improved. They will be offered the necessary help and facilities in order to make their holiday convenient and relaxing. 

This relates to the professional online letting system that will include impeccable property management with every situation. This means that owners will be able to enjoy their space but also rent the property while they are away, supporting and boosting the formation of an ongoing community. This way they can save important amounts of money through excellent property management and still receive the personalized lifestyle filled with comfort and relaxation. 

Furthermore, by dealing with properties in Italy that have been carefully selected and by adopting this fresh technique, people help the environment and offer an alternative to the constant rebuilding that can affect the natural habitat of a beautiful place. Needless to say that the materials used in construction are eco-friendly and are combined in the finest designs ever seen. 

The advantage of this well thought system will manage to spur the amount of visitors (and why not future residents) without ruining the natural beauty that Tuscany is famous for. 

Get involved into the formation of a strong community, located in a place that mesmerizes you and work with the company that will make all your needs and desires become reality. 

About Us: 

Realitalia builds simply better homes. 

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