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Piuji Tharo Des
The first Hindi Film of country based upon culture of Nimar

Our country is known for different cultures. Each province, state, town, city, village has it‘s own identity, for example, if we take, Malwa & Nimar belt, we find that despite close distance, both have different tradition & festivals. Only a few festivals, e.g., Holi, Diwali, Raakhi, are celebrated alike, throughout the country. But festival, like Gangaur, a female festival, is celebrated in limited areas only, e.g. Malwa, Nimar and Rajasthan. Our Hindi films have also made such festivals, as centre point, and many a movies on festivals have been successful also.

Taking into consideration, such efforts & subjects, a Hindi film, “Piuji Tharo Des” is being produced, which will be first Hindi film depending upon culture of Nimar. It will be the first film of our country, which will reveal beauty, tradition, festival & culture of Nimar. The Nimar belt is situated on the banks of pious river, Narmada. The festival of Nimar Gangaur and traditional worship of Lord Singhaji and Dedar Maata will also be included in the film. The film is being produced under the banner of Shanzi Production, Mumbai.

The regular shooting of film will start from the festival “Navratri-Ghat Sthapana”. The film is planned to be completed within two months.
The film has star cast of Nakul Vaidhya, Sheetal Menon, Chetan Pandit, Govind Namdev and Mukesh Tiwari. Produced by Shri Ravi R. Vishnoi the film is directed by Shri Aarif Hameed.

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