Taiwan ICT brands: Connecting the World!!

Mumbai, August 5th, 2013: As India becomes increasingly globalised, one of the key role changers is the course in the adoption rate of technology products in various spheres of one’s everyday life. Across the globe, Indian consumers are known as the fastest technology adopters, passionately embracing new technologies.


Indians are using Taiwanese brands at various stages and various walks of life. They include devices from HTC smartphones to hardware/storage devices from ADATA, Silicon Power and Transcend. Peripherals from brands such as Avision, Cooler Master, D-Link, Edimax, Genius, Thermaltake, Unitech, or multimedia devices from AVerMedia, BenQ, and BXB, are all Taiwanese brands, which have created a significant impact on Indian consumers and on the Indian ICT market. You can explore these excellent brands via http://www.taiwanexcellence.in


The foremost aim of Taiwan Excellence is to showcase the ‘reliability’, ‘innovation’ and ‘value’ of Taiwanese products to an increasingly aspiring audience base in India. Behind the desk or on the move, these innovative IT and communication products from Taiwan make consumer’s life richer and more exhilarating.


Ms. Emma Yang, Director, Taipei World Trade Centre Liaison Office, opines “The high rate of adoption of consumer technology and proliferation of digital products and services demonstrates that India is a technologically mature market. For decades, Taiwan has been concentrating on information technology to build a solid foundation of R&D, branding, and a comprehensive supply chain. As a result, the latest electronic products such as personal computers, smartphones, storage devices, broadband equipment and media players from this island are always on the top of the chart worldwide. We are pleased to see Taiwan brands gaining momentum in India.”


In the global ICT market, Taiwan provides not only a lion’s share of the most advanced laptops, tablets, and smart phones but also in the computer peripherals. Taiwanese companies have continually invested in R&D and design for product innovation, with a conviction to build a wonderful life through advanced digital technology.


In 2012, Acer and Asus were the fourth and fifth largest laptop makers of the world respectively; they are now also establishing themselves in the tablet market as increasingly Taiwan is emerging as a significant player in this industry due to its outstanding performance, genuine innovations and competitive pricing. They are currently enjoying more market share than all Japanese and Korean companies. 


Smart phones are yet another arena with many active Taiwanese contenders. Amidst fierce global competition, HTC delivered 32.6 million units in 2012 with a 4.6% global market share and is world’s third largest smart phone provider in Android phones. The prevalence of mobile computing has changed the way the internet is used, and has created further growth in storage, networking and online media products. Taiwan excels in manufacturing these products and is the unsung hero of the global information exchange.To use mobile devices or desktop computers, it is important to have Taiwanese network switches, routers, wireless access points, and related IT devices. For instance, D-Link and Edimax, among other Taiwanese makers, have considerable worldwide users in their segments.


A fairly large portion of the world’s USB flash drives, a convenient means of data transfer, is brought to the world by Taiwan and their innovative brands. ADATA is the second largest memory module provider in the world and the third for USB flash drives with over 500 NAND Flash patents. There are also several Taiwanese companies such as Silicon Power and Transcend that provide in this era of mass information, high-quality and reliable storage devices. BenQ has become the world’s second largest DLP projector, as well as the second largest short-throw and 3D projector brand in Asia.


This year, 40 leading Taiwanese branded companies from the Information & Communication Technology (ICT); Home appliances and Sports & Leisure industry have pledged partnership to the Taiwan Excellence 2013 Campaign. The brand partners are 3+Magi Mags, ADATA, AverMedia, Avision, BenQ , BSI, BXB, Carnation, Cashido, CHANSON, Cooler Master, CyberPower, D-Link, Edimax, Enermax, FushanKodo, Genius, HTC, INATRAP, Just Power, Justime, Karma, Kenda, Kenyo, KSS, KW-trio, Leadry, TherMedic, Orange, RoadEZ, Shuter, Silicon Power, Sonostar, STRIDA, SUPER Guider, Thermaltake, Transcend, UCHEER, Unitech and Vita.

In continuation with the theme of ‘Fostering Excellent Lifestyles in India with Taiwan Excellence’, the ‘Taiwan Excellence 2013 Campaign’ has planned a mall event from August 16-18 at the Garuda Mall - Bangalore, in which an exciting lucky draw will be organized.  Followed by this event, more Taiwan Excellence Home & Leisure Experience Zones will be presented at the EMMA Expo on September 5th-7th in Chennai and COM-IT from November 14th-17th in Mumbai.

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