China; 28, January 2015: Garbage storage and dumping is a major responsibility. Many people use waste bins which have wheels underneath for convenience. For the purpose of logistics and storage, people use plastic pallets varying is sizes for different set of operations. Taizhou MoveDar Rubber and Plastics Co. Ltd are a professional manufacturer and supplier of products such as waste bin wheels, axles, and waste bins. These are available in different shapes and sized based on usability for people.

There are 240L Waste Bins which is the biggest in this category. The weight capacity of the products is also the same 240 L. Made up of polyethylene body, it is convenient to move and lift this waste bin. The eco-friendly product has a solid rubber wheel with a steel spring and locked pin. It has a corrosion resistant axle and customers will also get a colour or logo as per their choice. The maximum load bearing capacity is 96 kg as per varying width, length and height. 50L, 80L, 100L and 120L are some of the other options in this category.

The wheels and axles for garbage bins come in different shapes and sizes. In the wheels hub, there are both springs and pins which enable an easy release by pressing the springs. Taizhou MoveDar can produce up to 150,000 pieces on a monthly basis. The tyre material is basically rubber and plastic with diameter ranging from 190 mm to 200 mm. These solid and hollow axles for the wheelie bins have a length of 320 to 600mm. Apart from wall thickness; they also have also the zinc plating thickness.

The waste bin wheels come in both plastic and rubber. There are EVA wheels, hard rubber wheels, furniture casters, plastic casters, roll casters, nylon casters, grey rubber casters, PU casters and metal core casters. In these caters, there are both Swivel and Fixed fork types available. Plastic pallets come in different shapes and sizes like 120 x 80 x 15 cm, 120 x 100 x15 cm and 110 x 110 x 15 cm.

Taizhou MoveDar has many associates for the plastic wheelie bins from 2004. It has 20 years hands on experience for manufacturing wheelie garbage bins, axles, casters and plastic pallets. It has worked with companies such as Colson and OTTO. The company focuses on manufacturing as per the recent trends. As much as 120 staff people work hard day and night for Taizhou MoveDar to scale greater heights.

About Taizhou MoveDar Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd:

Taizhou MoveDar specializes in the production and distribution of waste bins wheels, casters, axles and plastic pallets for many years. The China based company worked with prestigious companies such as OTTO and Colson. Visit the website for more information on the type of products offered.

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