19, October 2015: It is over several years since Airwheel emerged in parallel with Airwheel Technology Airwheel is a prominent brand of Airwheel Technology and unveiled by it in the year of 2013. Until now, it has rolled out a variety of electric self-balancing scooters. For example, the electric single-wheeled scooterX3 and X8, also called electric unicycle, was an original innovation. The following models were the electric twin-wheeled scooters, like Q1 and Q5. Subsequent to these models, the electric two-wheeled scooters came as a breakthrough in the history of scooter. These models consist of S5, A3 and S3.


Before Airwheel Technology entered the market for scooter, the electric single-wheeled scooter dominated the market for scooter. One was hardly able to see other models. As a start-up business in the sector of scooter, Airwheel Technology naturally pushed the first model, S3 so that formally entered the market. Over time, the ride of single-wheeled scooter took some doing, and therefore hardly met the demand of millions of scooter-lovers.

Under such circumstance, the dire need of another new model of electric scooter stimulated the R & D of Airwheel Technology. Finally, Airwheel Technology rolled out another kind of revolutionary models, twin-wheeled scooters e.g. Q1 and Q5. This kind of scooters rightly met the demand for the easy ride. It was catching on at once. Although a great refinement was made, there still were a good many eager lovers of scooter unable to get a hang of.


In order to ameliorate the ease of use and performance of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters, in the year of 2015 Airwheel released the two-wheeled scooter. The two-wheeled scooters S3, S5 and A3 provide an easy-to-ride scooter for eager scooter-lovers who are still unable to steer the twin-wheeled scooters. The two-wheeled design effectively ensures the balance. This laid down the solid foundation for the future of Airwheel. In addition, in the near future, the mode will linger for a long time.

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