MCSE (or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) courses are designed to help you expand your computer skills and gain more knowledge when it comes to the latest in IT standards and working with the most innovative cloud technology. By taking a course and earning your certification, you will be able to get started with your computer technology career much faster than if you went through a training course that required more qualifications. Earning your certification will open up many more doors and allow you to choose from a variety of career opportunities thanks to the training you receive and skills that you have been able to acquire.

The certification is used by employers to determine an individual's network IT skills in order to see if they qualify for a particular job and its responsibilities. Passing the MCSE exams and earning your certification in the field of your choice helps to ensure that you will be able to find a lifelong IT-related career that you will be happy with. One example of a job that you would be able to get with an MCSE certification would be a certified systems engineer. These professionals have the ability to install, troubleshoot and configure various types of computer networks that run on Windows servers. Once you receive your certification, it will never expire; however you may want to upgrade your certification later on in the future as computer technology improves.

Candidates are required to take the six core exams in order to meet all of the requirements necessary to complete their certification. These include four networking system exams, one client operating system exam and one design exam. There are also elective exams that you can choose to take - one of these is required. The elective MCSE exams test you on your expertise in various subjects such as solution design and implementation. The Microsoft guidelines state that those who are preparing to take the exams should have one year of experience with administering and implementing desktop and network operating systems - though this experience can also be gained by taking relevant IT courses. These courses can be taken online with a specialist online tuition company.

If you decide to take the new upgrade path that Microsoft has put together, you will need to take two upgrade exams as well as the original six. This will allow you to earn the Windows Server credential after you have already completed your MCSE courses and exams which will save you both time and money in the long run.

There are several learning resources and books out there that have been officially licensed by Microsoft to help you prepare for these exams. You can find out more information on these helpful tools by going online and searching for study guides and other resources that can assist you in preparing for your series of exams. Many websites have free practice test questions for you to complete that focus on a variety of subjects that the MCSE certification covers.

This guide explains what candidates will need to do in order to receive their MCSE certification. There are six core exams to take, as well as one elective exam. Many candidates choose to enrol on IT courses to give them the skills needed to pass these exams.