Many people, in this day and age, are finding the idea of cosmetic dentistry more appealing to them. There are hundreds of new innovations in the world of cosmetic dentistry that thousands of people look into every day. One of the most common procedures people are having done are implementing lumineers . Lumineers are a specific type of dental veneer that is placed on a tooth or a set of teeth to help modify the shape and look of teeth.

Lumineers are replicas of a healthy, well-rounded teeth that fit over damaged teeth in order for them to appear normal and healthy. The two main differences, however, between lumineers and other types of dental veneers, such as standard porcelain or porcelain composite veneers, is the width and substance consistency. Lumineers are traditionally thinner than other veneers, and on average up to 30% more durable, not to mention they represent healthy teeth more apparently.

Each lumineer is made of a certain porcelain composite, which is very thin, about as thin as a contact lens made for eyes. When lumineers are molded to the shape of your tooth, they are placed over your teeth, like a tooth cap, and attached with a strong, wear and tear-resistant oral adhesive. Many cosmetic dental patients choose this method over other veneer methods because it is completely painless and there is no anesthetic that needs to be administered prior to the initial procedure.

The lumineer is simply attached to your broken, cracked or discolored tooth, using strong adhesive, and then time is allotted for the adhesive to dry. Lumineers are a very popular way to restore perfect shape to teeth and eliminate any outstanding gaps. Also, many people who have more traditional porcelain veneers choose to upgrade to lumineers for a more durable, less-intrusive and longer-lasting shape.

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