TAMPA — A resurgence in the real estate market of Tampa, Florida has led to an increased need in locally manufactured custom closet systems.  While homes are selling, an increasing number of buyers are finding that their new homes were built with insufficient storage space.  New Tampa Closets, a local and respected custom closet manufacturer, are offering a wide variety of solutions for increasing storage space within the given dimensions of a home.

Many authorities and news media outlets have recognized the problem of homes being designed and built with limited closet and storage space.  "79% of buyers want more storage than home builders are providing” says the National Association of Home Builders.  USA Today has noted that “60% of homeowners will pay extra for a walk-in closet.”  While Trulia, a real estate listing services website, has stated that “buyers rank walk-in closets #2 on their list of amenities.”

New Tampa Closets produce custom closets made from only 100% American board with low VOC emissions, ensuring that there are no dangers as a result of “mystery materials” being used.  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions can result in the development of ground level ozone which, when in high enough concentrations, can be harmful to humans and vegetation.  A variety of materials can give off high VOC emissions including paints and a variety of materials used in particle board.

New Tampa Closets’ custom designs allow for the maximization of storage space usage while still fitting into the “local movement.”  A growing number of builders are now turning to New Tampa Closets, during construction of new homes, for design solutions to the problem of insufficient storage space in their homes.  New Tampa Closets offers special programs to builders who are looking to offer custom closets as an option.

“One of the best ways to create more space in your home is to make better use of the existing space you already have.  Most bedroom closets have a single rod for hanging clothes with 1 shelf above it and little else.  A custom closet from New Tampa Closets will have multiple hanging spaces, shelving, and even drawers to increase your storage capacity and organization exponentially” - a statement taken from newtampaclosets.com, gives a window into some of New Tampa Closets’ methods for maximizing available space and overcoming apparent spatial limitations.

“We take pride in the work that we do and our factory offers what represents the best value in custom closets in Tampa, Florida” says Doug Joos of New Tampa Closets. “We use industrial grade materials that that are much stronger and durable than the cheap boards used by many closet vendors who cut corners.  As such, our product is slightly more expensive.  Yet we are priced well below what a national closet chain would charge for this level of quality.”

New Tampa Closets is located at: 3104 N Armenia Ave. #2 Tampa, FL 33607 and operates by appointment only.  For more information, go to http://newtampaclosets.com/ .  To set up an appointment, call (813) 513-9600 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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