Recent data indicated that tanning has increased by leaps and bounds after the introduction of Melanotan 2. It is simply a tanning herb, available in the form of an easy to use nasal spray. The nasal spray form has proven to be a safer and quicker alternative to the painful injection. 

The Melanotan 2 is available in four different sprays for men and two different sprays for women. The effect is visible instantly and hence it is so effective, only a single dosage is needed per day. This spray acts as a permanent sunscreen as it protects the entire body from the harmful Ultra Violet rays and other pollutants. Unlike putting on a sunscreen lotion, it does not wear off during the day and give the wearer a movie star look. It stimulates the body’s natural response the protect from the harmful rays even with minimal exposure to the sun. Unlike getting a natural tan out in the sun, it gives its effect quickly and an even quicker healing of the skin cells. 

People still need to go out in the sun but with the help of the peptide, the tanning time is quicker. This protects the skin from further damage. The great aspect about this peptide is that users can customize the dosage according to desired effects. One can continue to keep taking a small dosage until the desired pigmentation is visible on the skin. The regular dosage can be stopped after this so that the pigmentation does not get out of control. After this the dosage can be limited to only once a few week or days (according to the response of the skin) to keep the same pigmentation. 

The peptide is so effective that customers have recorded a warm tan even after months of discontinuation of the dosage. This tanning alternative has proven to be more than just a cosmetic as it helps prevent skin cancer. For more information please go to 


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