United States of America, 07 August, 2014: There are innumerable males who consistently experience rejection from women in terms of dating. Getting turned down by women more often make the males vulnerable to negative thoughts. They tend to be low on confidence and charm. At the same time, there are males who are almost afraid of the word called dating. As a result, there are many who suffer from inferiority complex when they see a guy dating a girl. Searching at the internet often confuses the reader as there is a sea of websites which offer dating tips. There is no guarantee that reading and putting those into action should be enough.

Tao of Badass authored by Joshua Pellicer offers solutions to these problems. The author himself is an expert with women having worked as a professional dating coach. The easy to follow suggestions provided by the author revolves around teaching certain skills which help in building short term and long-term relationship with females. There are some Do’s and Don’ts whose simple implementation makes the reader aware of the ways of getting a women interested. Josh has devised these formulas from his personal experiences in dealing with women.

The book focuses on teaching some key techniques which can be categorized into four sections. It consists of the mouth technique, self fulfilling prophecy qualifier, make out technique and instant dominance. Emphasis is given to build the reader’s confidence levels and change the negative outlook on dating women. They are able to learn how to take relationships beyond one night stand. It explains how the expectation of rejection is counter-productive to the chances of success in these matters. The skills learned by following the lessons help the readers in using and implementing techniques to arise the interest of women in them. This book makes the readers entirely aware of the complex mechanisms adopted by women in selecting their soul-mate. It gives a peek into the women psychology that runs parallel in mate selection. The readers are familiarized with the relevant tests women put them into for figuring out if they are weak and undesirable.

Pellicer, the writer has done programs on dating centric topics with media organizations. He has featured in The Today Show, The New York Times, and The New York Press. His popularity went ahead to land him a chat show with Maxim Radio. The entire package of Pellicer’s guide comes with money return guarantee within 60 days. Anyone looking for more information on this book may visit BadAssTao.org anytime.

About Tao of Badass:


Tao of Badass is a book that offers dating solutions for the males who face difficulties in attracting and developing relationships with females. They learn the art of flirting, understanding body languages and ways to be desirable with womenfolk.