Obesity is a major concern as well as a source of depression which make many people suffer. The problem with this particular issue is that most people have a tendency to gain weight. Sometimes this may even be genetic. Many a times this happens due to food addiction. But, while putting on weight does not take time losing it is not so fast. It takes a lot of time and weight-loss processes can be really tedious. Hence people lose hope midway and give up. This happens because most people do not find the right way to lose weight. If you too belong to the same group, you should try tapping for weight loss.


Most people are unable to lose weight because they are unaware of why they gained it in the first place. You can put on weight for many reasons and most of them are interrelated. In most of the cases a person starts gaining weight because of cravings. This gives rise to energy loss, inability to work out or perform physically demanding activity, stress, anxiety and depression which in turn leads to more food addiction. This becomes a cyclic process and sabotages all your efforts to lose weight. However, tapping for weight loss is an effective way to get out of this trap.


What is tapping for weight loss? It is a unique method that battles the fundamental causes of weight gain. It is a fascinating amalgamation of Oriental acupressure and Western science of the mind specifically designed to reduce stress and weight. This is more of an emotional exercise than a physical one which is why it is also known as EFT, i.e., emotional freedom technique as it fights food addiction. There are certain median or comfort points in human body. The technique helps to identify those points and tap them with your finger in a scientific way. That is why it is called body tapping.


Why tapping for weight loss? Once you gain some weight, you keep hearing from people that you should lose weight. But, what they do not understand is that you are already trying but nothing seems to work. That is because most of the weight-loss techniques require difficult physical exercises and you must sacrifice all the food you love. They do not aim to stop emotional eating - the basic cause of overeating and are very tough to sustain. EFT does not want you to do something impossible. It is a much more effective and practical way to control food addiction.


The EFT or tapping technique rebuilds your confidence and produces visible results. This becomes possible because it targets the origin of food addiction, i.e., emotional eating. Emotional eating happens because of increasing anxiety and depression. Therefore, to burn fat, you must first improve your mental health. Tapping for weight loss enables you to fight your problems and come out of depression. It does not merely help you achieve the perfect figure; it gives you freedom from all the emotional pains. And, it makes you yourself do it. It is the only technique where the process of losing weight is a pleasure.

You must control  food addiction  to lose weight. You can do it by trying  tapping for weight loss    which is both easy and effective.