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Oct 6, 2015 — Tax expert and online author Frank Ellis has launched an article on that reveals what to do if one’s W-2 form is incorrect. Employers are responsible for making changes, the author says. They must also supply revisions to the Social Security Administration. Corrections are typically made with a W-2C form, the article states.

Featuring previously reported and corrected details, the W-2C is necessary unless the taxpayer uses TurboTax or H&R Block. Information there must be entered manually says Ellis.

The article goes on to how people can use e-filing. It’s possible to e-file with a W-2C, but not a substitute W-2 form. If any form is different from the taxpayer’s estimations, they must file an amended return with the IRS. The author also says if information has been corrected, only the W-2C should be used to file. Both forms are used only if they were from two different employers. This more complex process can be handled by TurboTax or H&R Block, such as adding up combined totals.

Ellis also reveals what to do if duplicate W-2s are received. If all the information is the same or more than four items are reported in box 12, then just one needs to be filed. The article also says two forms can be used to report employment in two separate states.

To ease the burden on taxpayers, the article explains how to find the W-2 form online.
If employers have it online or use payroll services, one can obtain the form on the Web and make full use of online filing services. The W-2 can be directly imported into tax returns and sent electronically to the IRS.

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