Tax specialist Frank Ellis discusses what to do if one loses their W-2 tax form, especially when the April 15 deadline is nearing, at

October 1, 2015 — Frank Ellis, a tax preparation specialist and author, has published an article at explaining what to do if one has lost their W-2 form. This is the form used to report income to the IRS. There are several options if it is missing or hasn’t been received.

The Wage and Tax Statement, according to the author, is sent out by employers. By law they have to mail the forms by January 31. The goal is for tax filers to be able to submit their tax returns by April 15, but employers send the W-2 directly to the IRS as well. Employers now make these forms available online.

Without the form, the article states, taxpayers can first contact their employer. Their HR department can mail the form to the taxpayer. Sometimes the employer is at fault because they misspelled something or made a mistake on the address.

Another option mentioned is to contact the IRS. The author lists a toll free number for people who haven’t gotten their form by February 14. Taxpayers should have their name, contact information, and social security number. They should also include the address/phone number of the employer, how long they have been working there, and estimated income and withholdings.

The IRS is often able to locate forms employers have sent, the author says.

Taxes must be filed by April 15. If one has contacted the agency about a missing W-2, they may be able to file without it if the taxpayer fills out Form 4852. This form is attached to form 1040. Extra time may be needed to verify the information which might delay any refunds.

The author also reveals that, if one gets the W-2 after using Form 4852, and earnings or withholdings are incorrect, tax returns can still be amended. Form 1040X is used for this purpose. Sometimes directly contacting the IRS with the corrected details is enough.

Taxpayers also learn how to get their W-2 online,  . To learn more about how to deal with a missing W-2 form, go to

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