Tax preparation planner Frank Ellis has written and published “A Taxpayers Guide to IRS Form W2” on the “Discover It Here!” blog and website. In the article, the author explains where to put valuable personal information on the form. For example, a taxpayer’s social security number goes on top along with one’s name and address. In boxes 1-10, one has to enter their taxes withheld and their total income. Social security and Medicare taxes paid need to be included too.

Ellis goes on to explain where earning such as tips from food and beverage employment would go. Deductions for childcare taxes can be included in box 10. Subsequent boxes are for codes or earnings from worker benefits or payments, and the author mentions box 13, where contributions to a retirement plan are entered. Statutory workers and independent contractors can use this box as well. In box 14, tuition assistance or union dues are indicated.

The article continues on to discuss where state and employer ID numbers go. It also tells taxpayers where to put their total state taxable earnings and withheld state income tax. Ellis runs through the rest of the W2 form to help people understand what information goes into the respective spaces.

Another section of the article discusses the benefits of TurboTax software for claiming tax credits . It explains that the tax software can help with filing and ensure the results are as accurate as possible. The author mentions the software’s ability to import W2 information, in addition to its free tax refund calculator now available online

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