Xi'an City, China; 21, February 2017: There are varieties of herbs available on this planet that can allow humans to maintain their health and vitality. TCM Adaptogen brings herbal extracts that can help people cure diseases, supply essential nutrients to their body and lead a healthy life. They have a deep knowledge of different types of herbs found in the different parts of the world, and they bring them for the benefit of the mankind.

According to the spokesperson of the company, these herbal extracts are free from side effects. They supply pine pollen powder that is free from any animal or insect hormone. The company gathers pine pollen from Yunnan Province in Southwestern China and the ripe fruits are cut down manually by the workers. The hard cells are broken by the pneumatic cracker and thus the powder is better for the human consumption. The powder of the pine pollen fruit has different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and flavonoids. It can have several health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening immunity, improving cardiovascular blood circulation, etc.

The company also supplies tongkat ali extract, which can help boost testosterone levels, both in men and women. With an improved testosterone level, one can witness several health benefits such as stronger bones, increase in muscle mass, reduction in body fat, improved metabolism, improved brain function, stress control and others. TCM Adaptogen offers extract of the tongkat ali root, which is an excellent natural energy booster, tonic and aphrodisiac.

For the health conscious populace of the world, TCM Adaptogen also brings Astragalus Root Extract, which contains several active ingredients, such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, amino acids and minerals like zinc, iron and others. The product is known to boost the immunity and helping to cure cardiovascular diseases. This light yellow powder is extracted from the roots and is supplied in its pure form for humans to witness great health benefits. One can learn more about different herbal extracts that the company sells can visit the website www.tcmadaptogen.com.

About TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited is an experienced bio-tech enterprise for manufacturing and marketing natural ingredients for around 10 years with their facility spread over 46,000.00 sq ms in area, equipped with Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC&SHIMADZU UV Visible Photometer dectectors, and the100,000 level purification workshop. This is how they keep superior quality and offer competitive pricing for global valued customers.

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