Simbyl Offers a Convenient, User-Friendly Crowdfunding Vehicle for Entrepreneurs

New York — June 22, 2016 — Many people have great ideas, but they don’t know how to bring those ideas to the next level. A new tech startup hopes to offer a seamless way for artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to design and create custom apparel, artwork, and accessories that can be sold directly to the consumers via a new crowdfunding platform.

Simbyl ( allows anyone to create and sell artwork, apparel (including  customized t-shirts), and accessories without investing any money upfront. The flexible, feature-rich site allows creators to set crowdfunding sales goals, market and promote their products, have them manufactured and shipped, and more, via a user-friendly, self-serve dashboard.

Simbyl was launched in New York City by two friends who wanted to make it easy for anyone with a great business idea to launch a startup without any prior tech knowledge or business expertise. The system they designed makes it easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to manage all aspects of a new business, from product design to marketing and finance.

Part of their business model includes a way to enable new entrepreneurs to launch businesses without having to invest capital. This is accomplished via crowdfunding.

“Our vision is to make it easy for regular folks to provide this highly customized service to their micro communities, paving the way for the future of the economy,” said John Bakel, co-founder of Simbyl. “We want to return to the benefits of the pre-industrial world, where everything was custom-made and people really could routinely wear completely unique pieces, while also reaping the benefits of today's world where we can access modern resources to produce higher quality products at very low prices,” said James Harris, another Simbyl co-founder.

Unlike other online, do-it-yourself e-commerce sites, Simbyl has a built-in crowdfunding component that enables users to design their products, from apparel to phone cases to gallery quality canvas wall art, then set a time limit for their sales campaign, share a link to their customized Simbyl sales page with their friends or followers, and finally to promote their product to drive traffic to their page. When the campaign closes, Simbyl manufactures and ships the products and pays the designer.

“The beauty of Simbyl is there is no risk to the customers, as orders only get processed when goals are met,” Bakel said. “The customer keeps all of the profit. We are so excited to provide individuals with a platform to create products for their niche and local communities that could never have been dreamt of by large corporations.”

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