(Free Press Release) Bedford Translation win on technical translation services for a leading edge science and technology firm.

Scanning electron microscopes deliver high resolution surface information and are widely used in many industrial fields such as materials analysis, life sciences, semiconductor technology and quality assurance. A major player in this field, which exports its products worldwide, is working with Bedford Translations and a specialist technical author as its chosen translation partner.

Correctly formatted manuals containing all necessary diagrams, pictures and screenshots all help to tell the story for the end user and must be presented identically in every language. The lead technical author said “I was disappointed with our previous suppliers who were unable to work with my specialist authoring package for the production and manipulation of large structured documents. Bedford Translations have demonstrated professionalism and skill; the time taken to produce finished translated content has reduced dramatically and together we‘re providing a better, more cost-effective service.”

Technical translation, alongside legal translation, financial translation and translation of websites, is at the core of Bedford Translations‘ work. Accurate and consistent translation is key for scientific products to enable them to be operated safely and reliably across the globe.

Accuracy demands a complete understanding of the products and processes so that they‘re rendered correctly in different target languages where the range of scientific synonyms doesn‘t necessarily match up exactly. By employing the appropriate specialists Bedford Translation ensures that the translations meet their client‘s exacting technical standards.

Consistency is important to avoid any misunderstandings with respect to terminology and to maintain a clear technical and brand message. Professional translation firms use translation memory technology to assist them in this regards storing phrases and terminologies in a specialist database so that repeated material is automatically recycled in the translation process.

Electron microscopy is just one of the technical fields in which Bedford Translations excels. Laser marking and etching equipment, environmental instruments for detecting noise and dust, and metrology equipment used for measuring to ultra-fine levels, are all areas in which Bedford Translations is making a contribution and has supplied millions of words of content in numerous languages.

Technical translation is a highly specialised service and discerning clients prefer to “trust the experts”. For more you can visit on http://www.bedfordtrans.co.uk/