Mark Tull, the well-regarded and widely known expert on all things technology, has recently launched his own website, which will promote his ‘Premium Tech Consultancy’ service, in addition to providing a blog comprising articles, opinion pieces and the latest industry news.

The new website, which goes by the name of ‘Mark Tull Tech’, will focus, primarily, on 3D engraving technology, which is an area where Mark Tull leads the industry. He has set up a successful business in this field and has published a string of highly praised books which tackle the subject.

As such, Mark Tull Tech currently boasts articles on topics such as ‘The Process and Possibilities of 3D Engraving’, ‘Being Creative with 3D Trophies’, and ‘Expand Your Business with 3D Laser Engraving’.

Speaking of the new website, Mark Tull, who currently resides in London, said: “I am very excited about my new website Mark Tull Tech and the possibilities it may bring.

“I’ve had great success with my three businesses over the last five years — but now I would like to diversify into writing and consultancy work.

“I’ve enjoyed running businesses, but it has removed me a little from my true passion, which is, of course, technology.

“This website, which will feature a blog in addition to a platform to promote my Premium Tech Consultancy service, therefore presents, for me, an exciting opportunity — and one which I will most certainly relish!”

Mark Tull, who commenced his career as a trainee soils engineer in St Albans, has worked his way up to the ladder to become one of the most respected technicians in Europe. He now owns three technology companies which each turn over in excess of £5m.

To learn more about Mark Tull — or to enquire about hiring him as a consultant — visit the website at To contact Mark Tull, connect with him on Twitter or Google Plus, or, alternatively, use the contact form on the website to reach him via email.

About Mark Tull:

Mark Tull is a renowned and well-respected expert on technology. He has worked in the industry for over 30 years and currently three of his own companies, which all supply various different technological solutions. Mark Tull can also be hired as a consultant or a freelance writer. For enquiries, visit the website.

Contact Mark Tull:
Mark Tull
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