London; 23, October 2015: At this information age, knowledge sharing is often seen as the key driver to facilitate the organizational growth and strengthen the relationship with customers, partners and other associates. At, a team of insightful experts believes that the live video conversations could be at the base of the knowledge sharing and boost the performance of all the stakeholders. With the same viewpoint, they help conduct live Video Meetings among like-minded stakeholders on business technology topics.

Ross Anderson, Head of Video and Content of TechTank, reveals that one just needs to have a webcam to take part in a video discussion. “Each discussion brings business leaders with shared interests to the same platform for attendees gain industry insights. In this digital age, this is a unique way to power the growth of an industry,” he states. According to him, with their live video discussions or Webinar, they endeavor to create an international knowledge network that will ultimately drive the growth of different industries and business segments.

The Co-Founder & Director of Operations of the Company, Jonathan Floodgate states that they aim at building a shared vision for the future of business. According to Jonathan, “We enable organizations to benchmark their digital projects to stay protected against the technological disruptions with the knowledge of the latest trends and solutions.”

Today, Machine Learning is at the core of the artificial intelligence that enables users to make predictions on the basis of the data available to them. has featured talks on data driven technologies that can help deliver the next-gen predictive analysis to boost the performance level. Each video talk of 60-90 minute length could bring the key insights that can inspire the performance enhancement at the global scale. is especially empowering the FinTech companies that rely on the latest technologies to provide financial services to their clients. To learn more about their live video discussions and other services, one may visit the website

About offers a valuable free, specialist information service that delivers great results at this digital age. Their business is enabling efficient information dissemination to support innovation and growth. They work with market experts to construct high-quality, themed debates, and match these to the most suitable attendees to ensure a dynamic and thought provoking conversation. The company has a team of lively, hardworking bunch from a mixture of event and research backgrounds. They know what makes customers tick and always strive to deliver both a high quality experience and tangible ROI from time spent in conversation.

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