One notable factor that has apparently accounted for the popularity of Teconisy is the fact that they have very cheap calling rates. According to most customers, the company’s cheap calling rates are unparalleled. It is very easy to make internet voice calls across the entire globe without having to pay too much money. Most customers have apparently been baffled by the cheap rates because the services that accompany them are out of this world. One customer confessed that Teconisy’s customer support is superb. They always take their time to offer timely technical support to all their customers on a 24 hours basis.

The company’s popularity can also be attributed to the vast array of special applications for mobile devices such as smart phones. For example, the company has introduced a good number of smart phone computer programs that are aimed at making the experience of making a call over the internet more convenient for customers who use mobile devices. Apart from this, the company also announced that no device configuration is actually required for any customer to make an internet voice call between any two countries including Spain and Italy. In short, making a call via internet using a mobile device cannot be easier than this.

Suppose you have a mobile device and you wish to make a call to a PC, you can also do so easily with Teconisy. All it takes is a reliable internet connection and you will be a few yards away from making a wide range of pc to phone calls at very affordable rates. The system also allows the customer to make calls from a landline to a pc. Most customers who are using this service have indicated that it is very efficient and reliable.

Some customers are not only making use of Teconisy’s voice over the internet calls. Rather, they are also earning from them. Recently, Teconisy introduced a referral program which is aimed at making its customers rich. All that the customers have to do is to refer their clients to Teconisy and they will receive some money for making the referral. There is little doubt that a good number of customers will stay glued to the company if incentives such as this one remain in place.

For customers who are resident outside the European region, there is plenty for them to look out for. Teconisy has introduced a service system that does not make you pay more. All that you have to do is to confirm that you are actually making a call from outside the EU and you will be a few yards away from making very cheap internet phone calls . With this initiative, you will not be required to pay any VAT for the calls that you make. In short, you will only be able to call at an additional discount of 20 %.

Contact person: Alexander Zimmermann
City: Aachen
Country: Germany
Phone: +4924191426199
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