Teens who are looking for new friends can benefit from joining Our Teen Network It is a safe teen social network for people 13 to 18 years of age. Unlike other social networks, teens must first get the consent of their parents before they can register an account on the website. Social networking has replaced the telephone as a way teens communicate with their peers. Even if they are on their smartphones, they are busy checking on their various profiles on several social media websites. Some parents are worried that their son's or daughter's might meet a predator in a teen dating site.

That’s why Our Teen Network, or OTN as teens call it, was formed. It provides a safe teen network where teens can meet other teens. Most teens go online to be teenagers. With OTN, they are able to chat with other teens, read what others have to say, play games, upload photos, and create polls and quizzes. Here they can know about the latest when it comes to clothing, music, books, movies, and other pertinent stuff that only teens can relate with. A lot of parents are concerned about the dangers lurking in social media. While these websites provide entertainment and fun, these same websites have been proven time and again to be stressful to teenagers. Peer pressure can also increase the risks involved within the websites.

Parents don’t need to worry when their sons or daughters use the OTN teen dating app. Membership and content is heavily monitored by the teen members and staff. Our Teen Network is the first website that was made by teens, for teens. It allows teens to be themselves in a safe environment. OTN does not condone abusive, obscene, and defamatory actions. They are quick to ban offending parties to keep the website clean.

Teens on the teen social network are anonymous. They are not allowed to share their phone numbers, last names, street addresses, email addresses, URLs, or anything that will reveal their identity. Other than that, teens are allowed to interact with others and talk about anything under the sun. The teen social network also provides an outlet for the introverts who are shy in the real world. It is must easier for them to make friends online when they don’t need to be face to face with the person they are talking to.

About OTN
Our Teen Network (http://ourteennetwork.com) has been online since 2009. It is a teen social network that was created to allow teens to socialize with their peers. They have several features to encourage interaction among teens, such as chat rooms, unlimited photo and music uploads, blogs, chats, games, and a lot more.