ST. LOUIS — When it comes to staying on top of the business world, no place does it better than WorldNet Solutions. With offices based in California, Kansas City and St. Louis, the telecommunications consultant business has extended its new outreach to clients with a revamped website. On the site, , clients can take a look at the latest trends and other tips to staying ahead of the game. And hiring a good telecom service is one of the easiest ways to satisfy clients and cut costs.


The company prides itself on a six-tier philosophy of how they get the job done, including:
1. Reviewing your telecom/data expenses and giving you an analysis of it
2. Shopping for the lowest rates, so you’ll never have to deal with the frustration that goes with it
3. Getting a proven cost-comparison of at least three carriers
4. Help with implementing changes
5. Snagging a guaranteed rate
6. Hearing from your own personal representative — no outsourcing from our staff

“In addition to giving you the lowest rates on the market, I also take away your telecom headaches by becoming your single point of contact for all your telecom needs,” says WorldNet Solutions CEO Van Theodorou. “No more making 6 to 7 phone calls to fix one problem.”


Our company offers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to:
- Phone bill audits to find errors and problems
- Long distance service billing, audits, rate discrepancies, rate reductions
- Telecom contract negotiations
- Complete telecom auditing
- Full service monthly maintenance
- Correcting and recovering bill errors
- Monthly phone bill analysis
- Invoice Management
- Cost reduction programs
- T1 voice and data lines


Above all, our trained staff members have a record of saving companies thousands of dollars a year. There’s no single service that makes us great, but a myriad of things that we provide that truly add up — and you’ll get the cost cutting and efficiency results you need. Saving money takes time and effort, but WorldNet Solutions become your solution for getting the best product out to your customers. We won’t let you down.

“Because we take care of all the management and tracking of your telecom expenses, you will save an immeasurable amount in time, frustration and wages for those who would otherwise be responsible for this tedious but vital process,” Theodorou says.


“This is a thank-you note-for the time you spent on our behalf and for the $2773 monthly savings we will enjoy month after month,” says Sandy F. of HDIS.

“They have been extremely helpful to me and have taken on all the burden of researching all the new programs and ideas that companies come up with,” says Gary E, owner of BRI, Inc.

WorldNet Solutions is one of the leaders in the telecommunications agency business. With more than 20 years of collective experience, CEO Van Theodorou leads his staff to working with companies on cutting costs — and maintaining the best product in the business.

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