A recent write-up on the website of major British newspaper The Telegraph exalted the virtues of a lesser-known location ripe for exploring by privacy-conscious tourists taking holidays to Sardinia

The beach in question, Cala Gonone, sits on the Gulf of Orosei, on the eastern coast of Sardinia. Until recently, the feature states, this area of the coast was only accessible by way of the sea, but even with the slight expansion of the routes connecting to the beach it remains difficult enough to reach that only visitors seeking absolute privacy will bother. And that, according to the article, is its strongest argument, as it guarantees travellers who do manage to access it an enjoyable time away from the usual crowds who throng Italian beaches during the summertime. 

The piece in question then goes on to detail the main attraction points of Cala Gonone, which visitors craving interesting and unspoilt scenery will no doubt be interested in exploring. According to the feature, the beach’s strong suit is its selection of sandy coves, some of which were considered scenic enough to be featured as backdrops in several famous films. Aside from these, however, Cala Gonone also offers the usual array of caves and grottoes, filled with impressive natural sculptures sure to delight fans of geology on holidays to Sardinia. 

Another strong suit of Cala Gonone and its surroundings, according to the feature writer, is the selection of low-key beachfront restaurants and bars, as well as the proximity of two larger beaches where visitors can buy some key sun-lounging essentials. The gently shelving shore of these beaches is also considered perfect for families on holidays to Sardinia. 

In addition to all this, the area around Cala Gonone presents fascinating archaeological remains, which will likely enthral visitors with a passion for this particular area of history. Plentiful opportunities for snorkelling and other water sports complete the appeal of this area, according to the feature writer. 

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