Tuscany and Umbria, two of the regions in which villa rental company To Tuscany has properties, were given pride of place in British newspaper The Telegraph’s series of guides to Italian holidays, which could turn into a boost in business for the organisation. 

According to the prominent British periodical, the two regions in question are far and wide the most popular destination for travellers seeking to enjoy a holiday in Italy, arguably due to the services offered by companies such as To Tuscany. Each of these regions, therefore, possesses a dedicated travel guide on the newspaper’s website, detailing how, why and where to go when visiting. 

For the Tuscany guide, for example, the travel writer in charge of the piece chooses to highlight the region as a whole, rather than focus on any specific spot. Even still, cities a little more off the beaten path, such as Arezzo, Lucca and Cortona, are given a deserved mention, alongside Siena, Florence and Pisa, the region’s main urban centres, where To Tuscany rents a series of villas and other accommodation options. Tuscany is recommended for its unique density of history-filled towns, wonderful food and drink and idyllic landscapes. As the writer points out, these are traits that can be found elsewhere in Italy, but nowhere in such dense concentration as in Tuscany. 

Umbria, on the other hand, is hailed for its luxurious, verdant landscapes, which more than make up for the lack of large urban centres. The intimate, unspoilt nature of even the region’s larger towns, such as Perugia, is also pointed out as a highlight for the region, with each of these towns yielding a good day’s worth of places to visit and sights to see. The food and in particular the local specialty truffles, is also pointed out as an argument in favour of visiting the region. 

The Telegraph’s travel guides to Tuscany and Umbria can be visited in the Travel section of their website. 

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