Temples Pride, a comprehensive culinary product researcher, refiner, and manufacturer with a flair for making the cooking experience seamless and enjoyable, this week announced they have officially launched their first product on Amazon: the Ultimate Culinary torch, also known as the Blow-Proâ„¢. Born from a passion for enabling everyday people to cook like five-star chefs at high-end and incredibly expensive restaurants, the Blow-Proâ„¢ brings world class cooking capabilities right to the forefront of homes nationwide.

“From last minute meal charring, to entertaining friends and whipping up delectable crème brulee, the Blow-Proâ„¢ gives any ordinary kitchen extraordinary cooking possibilities,” Said a company spokesperson, “This may not seem like an item many people think of when stocking their kitchen. But, once a Blow-Proâ„¢ is added to the cooking repertoire, users will find themselves using it on just about everything.”

The Blow-Pro™ can be used for cooking, baking, and broiling. Not just reserved for finishing off the perfect crème brulee, people use the Blow-Pro™ for charring and crisping meats, vegetables, and other exotic desserts right before serving them to guests.

Delivered in a sleek and elegant design, the Blow-Proâ„¢ is ergonomic, durable, and professionally constructed for long-lasting wear and tear with advanced any angle technology for uninterrupted torching from all angles.

So confident in the versatility and entertaining features of their product, Temples Pride is including a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if consumers do not feel satisfied with the purchase.

“We are incredibly excited to finally be sharing our innovative and revolutionary products with consumers nationwide, and are encouraging everyone to spread the word on the availability of our Blow-Proâ„¢ today,” said a company spokesperson.

For postage reasons, the Blow-Pro does not come with butane in advance.

For more information, visit: http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Culinary-kitchen-guarantee-customer/dp/B01CST8DSG.

Contact: Temples Pride (http://templespride.com/)
Submitted by: Jamie White
Company: Jamie PR
Email: [email protected]
New York, USA