Temporary engagement rings are increasingly being purchased as ‘substitutes’ by couples still choosing the perfect ring, a recent study by a major insurance provider has revealed. 

According to the statistics presented, over 15,000 women across the United Kingdom have received or will receive a temporary engagement ring from their partners while they are still busy choosing the perfect ring. Usually, these ‘buffer rings’ are inexpensive jewels, with more emotional significance than monetary value. The significance of this measure is clear, and actually diametrically opposed to what it might at first seem to be. Ring-buyers who choose this option are simply trying to avoid disappointing their other half with a ring that they might not take to or particularly like. 

And in fact, the situation of the recipient not liking the ring they are presented with at the time of the proposal is certainly not uncommon. The insurance provider’s inquest demonstrated that no less than 14% of the women interviewed had not been satisfied with the jewel they had received from their partner, either because it was too expensive or simply not to their personal taste. This new trend for temporary rings seeks, in part, to reduce those numbers, allowing the ring-buying half of the couple a larger chunk of time for choosing the perfect ring. 

The monetary implications of choosing the perfect ring and getting it just right on the first go are no less considerable, as the average amount spent on one of these jewels at present is in excess of £1,300, around one month’s salary for most men. Depending on the region of England, however, this value is prone to fluctuation, sitting at around £3,500 in affluent London and scarcely more than £600 in rural Yorkshire. 

The survey goes on to estimate that, in 2014, one in every 16 women will be proposed to using one of these buffer rings, as the trend quickly takes hold. 

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