J.G.M. Properties, Inc. (a Minneapolis commercial real estate property management company) reveals why leasing temporary office space might be the smartest decision businesses and startups can make.

Businesses that aren’t quite developed enough to sign a long-term lease can think of leasing temporary office space on a monthly basis. These fully furnished office buildings come with individual desks or office space that include conference rooms with HD audiovisual systems and the latest techno-wizardry including, but not limited to ultra-high-speed Internet connections.

Instead of buying everything they need (desks, chairs, phones, computers, copy machines — the list is endless) to furnish their office, businesses can lease it. Most equipment leases don’t require a down payment, so they can get lots of equipment without crimping their cash flow. Leasing also lets them trade in equipment every few years for the latest and greatest models, ensuring that they’re always up to date.

An uncertain economy has its own advantages. One of the biggest upsides is the availability of plenty of empty and temporary office space. More often than not, these spaces belong to companies that are in the process of downsizing, but still have a few years left on their lease. By subletting from the stressed company, savvy business owners can make the most of this opportunity to get prime real estate for cheap.

Temporary office space is ideal for businesses that require a lot of time on the phone, need conference room use on a regular basis, and have privacy requirements. The space also comes with amenities available at no additional cost such as shared conference rooms, shared kitchens or break rooms, and a shared reception area.

Owners are offering entrepreneurs, independents, and small businesses, affordable and flexible lease terms for temporary office space. The asking rent will generally depend on the amount of space needed.

J.G.M. Properties, Inc. a small, family owned, commercial management company currently located in Bloomington, MN has presented their insights into the benefits of leasing temporary office space. JGM’s primary focus has been on temporary Minneapolis commercial space for rent JGM can help. Call Eli at 612-290-1037.

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