With the global warming weather conditions, parts of America are plagued by dry rot. Earlier, rot was limited only to those humid weather conditions but today, even dry weather homes are affected by a type of damaged called dry rot. With so much of harmful fungi in the atmosphere, homes are constantly affected. It is usually caused by the cracks in the foundation of the house, which allows for contact between the wood and the moist soil. The moisture is transmitted to the wood, which prepares a breeding ground for the fungi and thereby further opening the gateway for termites to borrow through the wood. 

Retro Fitting California is a family owned company and dedicates itself to making homes and families safe with its trustworthy Dry Rot Repair. Retro fitting California is not the usual service Company. This one stands apart from the rest in the fact that it offers its top quality service as a homeowner, a husband, father and a family contractor. With more than 30 years of service in the industry, its stands as one of the most trustworthy Dry Rot Repair companies in California and the area around it. Residents get secure earthquake proof services, which includes the homes in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. 

When it comes to structural development, Southern California is one of the most diverse, with many more out of the box structures to be set up during the year 2014. With 30 years of experience, the Company is well accustomed to offering its services to different types of structures that include simple one-story homes to family residences, commercial buildings and quadruple complexes. 

It reduces the chances of any building withstanding the next earthquake by securely connecting all the foundations and other components of the building together. In preparation for any upcoming earthquakes for the year 2014, the Company has announced an additional discount for residents. For more information please go to http://www.retrofittingcalifornia.com/dry-rot-repair/ 

About retrofittingcalifornia.com/dry-rot-repair: 

Retro Fitting California is a family owned dry rot repair company. It offers top quality service in getting rid of termites and dry rot in residential as well as commercial building structures.