(Free Press Release) The CPA exam is conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is administered by another body of repute- National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

At Principle CPA Review, we provide CPA simulation software. It has 7100 CPA exam questions and all the four content areas are covered in one program. The CPA exams are tough to crack but a good deal of practice can help you to pass the CPA exam. With our realistic and comprehensive simulation, you can easily pass the CPA exam. We provide CPA sample questions which are based on the previous year CPA papers, thus giving you a complete idea of the structure of the CPA exams.

The key features of our CPA simulation software are described below.

Rationale for answers is explained: Not only the correct answers but explanation for them is also given, thus giving you a complete understanding of the concepts.

Print option: Students can print questions, answers and their explanations for their reference.

The key 4 areas are included in one program: Auditing & Attestation, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Regulation, Business Environments and Concepts are all covered in the program.

Exam pass Money Back guarantee: We are very confident that with our exam simulator, you can pass the CPA exam in the first attempt itself. Our money back guarantee will increase your confident and yield the desired results.

Answer Display functions: Our exam stimulus software displays the answers after each question or all the answers when you finish the exam.

Two-timers with on/off functions; This feature will help you in time management. It gives you the option of per question timer to track down the time taken for attempting a question. It also gives per exam timer which displays the time left for the entire exam.

Program never Expires: Unlike other simulator programs, this program never expires, thus users can have unlimited practice.

Grades given on CPA realistic sliding scale: The software will give the scores per exam of the total number of correct answers.

Option to randomize: The software allows you to randomize the order of questions or show them in the same order. Thus, you can take the exam according to your preference, thus giving you a lot of practice.

With the help of our CPA practice exams, you can considerably increase your chances of passing the exam. For further information, just log on to www.principle-cpareview.com .