It has been a busy few months for Texas Lonestar Tamales, but it’s also getting ready for Holiday 2015 by posting on their website and Facebook page great deals for Thanksgiving as well as the Christmas season.

Thanksgiving, for instance, has already started for them, with the winner of the Tell-a-Friend Contest being recently announced, and a big discount sale five days beforehand. However, yet another discount has begun, with free shipping for orders on five dozen or more now being available. What they also intend to do next is to prepare for one crazy Tex-Mex holiday season, both in Fort Worth and abroad.

Texas Lonestar Tamales has been making tamales in the Fort Worth area for over 20 years. We even ship throughout the entire continental United States, so that means anyone can enjoy our tamales thousands of miles away! Here in Fort Worth, Texas, some of the best tamales you've ever tasted have been wrapped in their corn-husks, steamed, and enjoyed by countless families and friends year after year.

Now you can buy these Authentic Mexican Tamales (Tamales Mexicanos) here online, and have them shipped from our USDA Inspected facility, right to your home or business... or to family, friends, and customers as a gift anywhere in the USA.

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