Firms can send branded text messages, economy text messages and shorten URLs through Text Blast’s platform.

Enterprises in London looking for an effective SMS marketing platform have a reason to rejoice. Text Blast, an SMS marketing firm, is emerging as the most preferred business SMS marketing platform in London. The company’s dynamic platform is helping enterprises to instantly connect with their customers and get thousands of messages delivered within seconds. Companies can send branded text messages, economy messages and shorten URLs through Text Blast.

“Even in the age of digital marketing, SMS holds a lot of importance. Its swiftness and instant delivery makes it one of the most potent marketing tools for firms. Our objective is to provide a platform that helps companies leverage the maximum benefits of SMS marketing. We are working on advanced features to make our platform even better in the coming days,” opined the management of Text Blast. Scheduling messages, creating multiple marketing lists and easy upload of all the mobile contacts are some of the other features of Text Blast.

The company covers all the leading and major networks of the UK such as Vodafone Ltd, Virgin, BT Fixed Line, Cable and Wireless UK, Manx Telecom, Orange, T-Mobile (UK) Limited and Jersey Telecom.

About Text Blast

A well-known name in the field of SMS marketing, Text Blast is a top-notch online text messaging platform used by enterprises in the UK and across the globe to send SMS to their customers. With years of experience in the domain, Text Blast helps companies generate mobile marketing campaigns at a minimal cost. The customized solutions provided by Text Blast increase response rates and this have added to its popularity.

With a team of highly skilled industry professionals and specialists, Text Blast brings ideas that boost revenues and profitability of companies manifold. Visit for more info.

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