An online course to take yacht broker training to the next level brings a complete and comprehensive course for yacht and boat brokers. It covers all the sales and marketing techniques needed to work in this demanding market and close as many sales as possible.

Nanaimo BC, 21st December, 2015: The yacht market’s small customer base undoubtedly makes it one of the most competitive and challenging sales markets out there.  To have a successful career in this line of work, you cannot only rely on your knowledge of the yacht/boat itself.  The broker needs to have the skills to convince and prove to the customer that their product is best suited for their needs and wants, knowledge of the current market trends and a good insight into what the client is looking for.  Through this online course, Vincent Finetti brings exactly that for all brokers.

A previous yacht broker himself, Vincent initially struggled to stay afloat in the cross currents of the industry.  He went on to extensively explore the market and through that first hand experience, devised strategies which took his marketing business to an international level, now serving over 250 shipyards worldwide.  He brings forth a set of tools for both new and seasoned brokers alike to improve their relationship with their clients, close more sales and therefore enjoy their job to the maximum.

By introducing changes in their market strategy, he has guided many yacht brokers to a path of greater success.  Here is what Bob Denison, President of Denison Yacht Sales has to say: “I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend The 30 Secrets to Boat Sales training. Over 20 of Denison’s brokers have successfully completed the course. Every single one of them received value from taking the training and told me they would vouch for the investment. It's a great course for new and experienced brokers alike. Our industry desperately needs more training programs like this one."

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