The 99 cent hosting plan from Web Hosting Ninja helps to get the startups and the small & medium business as well as the individual clients the most resourceful web hosting services at the cheapest rates.

Austin, TX  (June 14, 2016) - Identifying the needs of the new ventures as well as the tiny & medium enterprises for efficient yet cost effective web hosting services, Web Hosting Ninja launches the .99 Web Hosting Plan that will support the startups as well as the smaller organizations to get the maximum online resources at a modest price.

The .99 Cpanel web hosting plan ideally suits individuals who are planning to have their own website as well as the upcoming bloggers and the new businesses & smaller organizations. This will be the cheapest plan that will get them the resources needed to get online.

The 99 cent web hosting plan from Web Hosting Ninja has triggered a sensation and has already earned exceptional popularity worldwide. This plan balances both aspects of utility and budget. Web Hosting Ninja has different plans and offers customization of the standard service packages to suit the professional as well as business requirements specifically. The service provider offers the most robust and improved hardware, strong network and the commitment for 99% uptime that enables their clients to promote their businesses more effectively. The customer support offered makes the migration process hassle-free for the clients.

Web Hosting Ninja has a team of experienced and expert hardware and software professionals and the specialty of this service provider lies within the capacity to customize the services as per the needs of the clients. These experts make time to analyze the requirements of the clients and then offer the most suitable solutions within their budget that can produce the best outcome. Also, clients can expect to get the best customer support service in the industry 24/7.

“We’ve recognized the need in our industry of a lower priced web hosting solution for new businesses.  Our new .99/month plan offers plenty of resources to get started without the heavy financial commitment you might find elsewhere.  We are very excited to introduce this new option and know it will help tremendously to get new and existing businesses online”. Stated Josh Loe, CEO & Founder-Web Hosting Ninja.

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