China - The material for the industrial using slip rings could be divided into variously sorts. Today, the engineer from leading China slip rings manufacturer AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED will let people have approximately understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of slip rings in different materials.

In general, the wear resistance and mechanical strength of steel slip ring are very good. Therefore, the device in this material could be mostly used in synchronous motors which could cause into greatly abrasion. Steel can be processed into the complicated structure and this material is very cheap and readily available. Therefore, the steel slip ring are widely used into synchronous motor at lower circumferential speed.

For the high speed machine such as the turbo-generator, the slip rings with high resistance for abrasion should be the best choice. This sort of slip rings is mostly made of forged steel. In addition, when ask for the corrosion resistance for the rings, the device in the material of stainless steel can be used as the best choice. However, the sliding properties of the stainless steel miniature through bore slip are not very excellent.

Compared with the steel material slip rings, the brass collector ring compared has own the good sliding properties so this kind of ring products are very versatile. However, the disadvantages could not be totally avoided. If the cooper material contains a large number of low melting point lead, the heat generating at the electrical point will occur the lead-off phenomenon which could likely to cause into the slip ring brush wear or other abnormal wear. So, we could say that each material has their advantages and disadvantages.

The other material difference is between the slip rings and brushes. If the material of brush has too strong abrasive and the material of the collector ring is too soft, the collector ring will be face with the inevitable wear and tear. This phenomenon is very typically in the high temperatures and low humidity fully enclosed motor.

In order to totally prevent the re-occurrence of serious injuries on the steel and copper slip ring, people should lift up the brush when the motor is stopped during a long-term of time. In order to improve the current distribution of parallel brushes, people could move the sliding contact surface of the collector ring. Furthermore, the spiral chute on the slip ring could largely let this device obtain good sliding properties.

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