China — Most of people should know the Hologram label printing which is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology that applies the laser holographic technology. This technology is also known as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology. Nowadays, with the progress and development of other anti-counterfeiting technologies, the holographic anti-counterfeiting technologies have also had new developments and applications. Although the laser Hologram label printing is very cost-effective and advantageous, there are also some disadvantages of the holographic stickers. Today, the most famous online holographic sticker supplier would tell people the advantages and disadvantages of their products.

As one kind of items security technologies, holography has many advantages.

First, the production for the source of holographic products would spend the manufacturer lot of time and money but the cost of bulk and large amount copy for the holographic products such as holographic stickers would become relatively cheap. This should be the main reason why the enterprises for production of consumption goods want to select this kind of anti-imitation technology.

Second, at the initial period of time, it would be very difficult for people to get the equipments and technical details for the hologram stickers¡¯ large volume production. However, during the modern time, the purchasing and getting for this traditional equipment has become very easy but the manufacturer for these equipments also try their best to enhance the quality and security level of their products which could help them avoid the adverse copying.

Thirdly, if people have a closer look at these hologram stickers, they would holographic printing find that the holographic products such as stickers and labels are very different from the traditional trademark on the commodities. On the other hand, the forged tools such as cameras and printers which the forger uses have no effect for the holographic copying.

Apart from all of these advantages above, the manager from has also admitted that there are also some disadvantages of the hologram technology and products. Because most of holographic products such as holographic stickers had already been decorated with reliefs which would let the machine copying become relatively easy and cheap, so, it would be hard for people to put a coherent distinguishing between the holographic products and the source products.

Nowadays, with the development of anti-imitation technologies, the manufacturer has tried their best to combining the hologram technology with other anti-imitation technologies. This should be the good news for this industry because the technical combination could largely enhance the security level of this product.

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