13, July 2015: Let me introduce one scooter which can easily meet all your needs for a fancy car. This is the newest luxurious cross country scooter. It takes me two days in the line to get it. When I saw it at first glance, its beautiful appearance makes everything count.

This type of supercar scooters is designed into different series. Among which, the round and oval shapes are used in every series. The standard edition is of two different colors, which are chic black and pure white. What is more, the luxurious appearance is also decorated with carbon filbre texture which makes the scooter of great taste and very unique.

Airwheel Scooter1

This type of electric scooter is much smaller and more portable but equipped with unique opening design, which free the rider off the trouble to open and shut the doors. These make inner car space merged with outer space. There is 720 degree of free space to enjoy the whole environment around the rider.

Though there is no storage box equipped on these electric self- balancing scooters, the riders can choose to order the special backpack which is big enough to hold a scooter. For the reason that this type of scooter adopt the design of the total design of speeding up and braking devices, so there is no steering wheel for this scooter. However, the rider can just control the scooter through leaning to certain directions.

Airwheel Scooter2

Airwheel self-balancing scooter can offer you the unprecedented feeling. This type of scooter is totally zero release. It is also of the maximum torque and mechanical abrupt speed changes. What is more, this type of self-balancing scooter is equipped with the motor that is same as the Tesla, the high quality tyre from Chen Shin Rubber. All these make the scooter can be the wild king which can deal with various kinds of road.

Many customers may worry about that such an amazing supercar scooter could cost too much for the riding. Actually, it only costs 1kwh for lasting running of tens km. Such good performance makes it no wonder the best seller even in the overseas market.

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