A few words of admiration may not be enough for the brand new JavaScript Editor on the racks as the application constitutes a series of commendable features and functions that are deemed to suit the requirements of all grades of users. That it is free gets it additional traction and there is a smart Ajax Editor program incorporated herein as well so that Ajax developers get to use it like a dream.

The excellence of a JavaScript editing application lies in its ability to validate and eliminate errors from the language for making it secure. And in this regard, this editor is set to become a master in the niche, thanks to the presence of a wonderful list of pre-set functions in it that can be keyed in into any site for improving aestheticism and more. The ‘Search’ and ‘Replace’ functions are easy and helpful. And the interface is very nicely built with simple functional keys all arranged in a neat row. Plus users are allowed to add bookmarks herein so that managing documents becomes as simple a chore as desired by them.

The JavaScript  Editor has support included for all sites developed through HTML or CSS and available scripts and templates add up to a few hundreds in number. One more thing to note is that even though the program is primarily intended towards editing accessible templates for correcting the content, it but enables users to create codes from scratch too. The software, in fact, knuckles down to gives its contenders a stiff competition in operation.

An official from the developer’s office says, “This JavaScript Editor is built with excellence and therefore supposed to perform with excellence — we don’t expect anything less”.

For more information on the brilliant JavaScript editing tool, log onto http://download.cnet.com/Free-JavaScript-Editor/3000-2026_4-76170662.html

About JavaScript Editor

The JavaScript Editor, http://download.cnet.com/Free-JavaScript-Editor/3000-2026_4-76170662.html is a brilliant tool to edit JavaScript and/or write codes in simple steps. The JavaScript Editor is comprehensive, free and functional for all grades of users.

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