27, August 2015: Thanks to the high speed development of modern society brought by science and technology, people are living a more and more diversified and colorful life. There are many new and innovative things that come into being day by day. In recent years, many people have becomes fans of electric self-balancing scooter. When scooter is armed with intelligent balance-keeping system and maglev motor, it is no longer a toy for children. It is a thrill combination of ergonomics and industrial design. With the passionate look and endless fun, the intelligent electric unicycle is projecting so much excitement into people’s life. Friends like to go out riding a scooter in their spare time. They are running in a quiet and fluent manner to feel the gentle breeze against the face and get a touch of the nature.


Although intelligent electric unicycle is quite popular now, many people find it hard to handle the riding well. The unicycle single-wheel asks a lot from people to stand balanced on it. However Airwheel has put great effort on solving the problem and come up with a satisfying answer. It is the amazing Airwheel twin-wheel electric scooter Q5. As the single narrow wheels are put together to be a twin-wheel, the scooter now can stand itself on the ground without falling over. It makes it much easier for beginners to ride on the scooter. The Airwheel Q5 is committed to bringing more people to the amazing fun of intelligent scooters. The Airwheel Q5 weighs only 11.5kg, yet it can hold a max load of 120kg. So the rider does not have to worry that he or she may crush the machine.


The Airwheel Q5 two-wheel intelligent scooter for adults is much more user-friendly than similar products. It has quickly grabbed customers’ favor. More and more people can get into the fun world of the smart vehicle.

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