Vail, CO; 05, January 2015: The American Ski Exchange opened new exciting experience to the ski lovers. Located at the heart of the Vail Village, they offer the skiers to experience skiing in an enthusiastic feel and affordable rate. They have the best Vail ski rentals allowing the skiers to have some fun without any worries about the location premises and rates. 

Vail Mountain located at the Vail Village is one of the popular mountains that every skier wants to play with. Being the third largest mountain in the North America, it gives the skiers more challenge and adventure. Since not all who wants to do skiing are professionals and doesn’t have their own skis, the American Ski Exchange offers ski rentals in an affordable price. Their skis are the latest models such as the Atomic, Rossignol, Salomon and Hart. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, their skis and snowboards are equipped to your abilities. 

Being professional in the business, they have the best staffs in town getting you a warm ready of your skiing experience. Their stuffs are knowledgeable and experts to this kind of business, reassuring to fit your every needs. Since they are located in the heart of Vail, their central office can offer you pickups and drop offs. In addition, if you want to get the most of the experience and time is tight, they offer ski deliveries. 

American Ski Exchange a family business owned by the Higgins family serving since 1986 is happy to announce that starting December 17th to April 16th, they will be having extended hours that will start from 8am until 10pm for a wider fun experience. You can also reserve equipment though online and get a 20% to 30% savings, just visit For more information contact American Ski Exchange — Vail Village — Vail, Colorado, or call 1-800-327-1137 or email at [email protected]