08, January 2015: So why don’t New Years Resolutions work? Andy Shaw, author of “Using A Bug Free Mind,” says the truth is that’s not quite the case as some do work, simply not so many. He said… “Depending upon which study you care to check out, about 50 % of us promise one or more resolutions. Then after they have actually tossed time into the equation then less than 8 % of those state that the resolution/s worked. My guess would be that, throw a bit more time into it and afterwards a lot less than that actually make it through. So 50 % give up and don’t even make an attempt, then round 92 % of the rest fail, meaning that less than 4 % of us prosper in any way at getting a New Year’s resolution to work.”

Success 2015

Andy stated that this was clearly not a great strategy, adding… “Every year 50 % of us try and give it another go, so “why” is the real underlying concern. Typically, we frantically desire some sort of change, but not frantically enough to make sure we get that change. Anybody considering a new year’s resolution has to pause a bit and think about how a change makes you feel with what it involves doing. The issue right here is guaranteeing the change will take up far too much time and effort than can be mustered, with thinking being the hardest part, so instead people end up simply hoping that a New Year’s resolution will be successful.”

Best seller author of ” A Bug Free Mind” continued by stating… “Hey if something has failed again and again, why quit right? As Albert Einstein once said the meaning of madness is doing the very same thing and anticipating a different result, but 50 % of us do it again every year, After a few years of doing this and getting the very same outcome I figured out that there had to be a more effective method. But people do this since their ego tells them that this year can be better, however how can it be better if they have not raised their level of consciousness and re-wired their thinking.”

Oscar Wilde once said… “Good resolutions are pointless attempts to disrupt scientific laws. Their origin is pure vanity. Their result is absolutely nil.” Andy explained the definition, stating… “This plainly says you’re doing it wrong! Well, he had not been quite right according to the statistics, there are a few people who do succeed, but just 1 to 4 %. To me however, that figure appears more like a full failure instead of a successful strategy, wouldn’t you agree? The problem is that by failing we wind up doing more damage to ourselves as we believe we have actually attempted and failed, whereas in truth we just made a horrible attempt and it failed,”

Andy concluded his new year’s message by saying… “So people usually set themselves unrealistic goals and expectations in their resolutions, while believing that this time it will certainly be better. Consider this though! You’re going to wish to fix your mind at some time if you truly desire all your deserved success, and when you ultimately do, you’ll wish you had actually done it before. Really, the best time to repair your mindset was as a youngster, however the second best time to repair it is right now, so make 2015 your success year by beginning the Bug Free Mind Process today. Simply register on the site to get started, and bid farewell to the word failure!”

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