Once upon a time special drinks enjoyed during holidays, punch recipes are currently more of a party must or a treat of lazy and torrid summer afternoons. Continuing this parallel, punch used to be based mainly on fruit juice or fruits, yet nowadays we have long discovered the power of dripping alcohol into it. So what should it be? We recommend you to go for rum and we sure have some good reasons for it.


First of all, allow us to make a short introduction of this beverage, so you will know what you have been missing. Rum is obtained from molasses or cane juice set to distillation and it can have various colors, flavors and strengths. The most popular ones have silver or white shade. These two shades indicates that the product is fresh, never subjected to aging, and it makes a popular choice for cocktails. Alternatively, it can have a golden shade, indicating it has been stored for a while in old bourbon barrels. Finally yet importantly, it can also be very dark, which only happens to the oldest assortments, stored in charred barrels. Bermuda and Jamaica are some of the most popular countries for making this last type of spirit.


It only takes tasting it once in order to realize what a powerful and flavored bouquet this beverage has. It can be easily combined with fruits, providing tens of different shades, making your punch recipes lighter and more suitable to a wide range of drinkers. It does not have to serve as base for a killer cocktail, but rather as a drop of alcohol that enriches senses and warms up souls.


You can start your experiments with the famous daiquiri, in the homemade version — because you can also find it bottled. You are only going to need 1.5 oz of light rum, ¼ oz of simple syrup and ¾ oz of lime juice. The simple syrup is made from sugar completely diluted in water — make sure you keep it in the freeze until you get to use it. Mix the three of them together with some ice cubes in a special shaker and pour the beverage in a large bowl. Repeat until you think you have enough to serve all your guests and try to keep the bowl chilled. This is the simplest recipe and yet the most valuable proof of what this drink can actually make when combined with fruits.


But here is another interesting recipe, this time more precise. We are talking about up to 10 servings obtained from one cup of lime juice, one cup of light rum, two cups of grenadine syrup, two cups of orange juice, two cups of pineapple juice and two cups of white rum. Add all these into a punch bowl and mix them, decorating with orange and pineapple slices. Make sure it stays into the fridge for at least one hour before you serve it. If you are planning to make more of it, the proportions are 4 parts of weak ingredients, 3 parts of strong ingredients, 2 parts of sweet ingredients and 1 part of sour ingredients.

If you need more delicious punch recipes based on rum, just ask and you will receive inspiration you have never thought it can exist!