The self-explanatory title of Patricia Kelley’s new creation, the “7 Top Tips to Create a Screaming Hot Nonfiction Book Proposal,” captures the essence of the guide aptly. Kelley elaborates on a host of aspects on powerful book proposal writing and of the publishing industry, so far unknown to most budding writers. This book has the ability to guide writers effectively in writing an impressive book proposal and woo the well-known traditional publishing houses. The lucid, professional style in which Patricia Kelley has elaborated on different tips and their requirements, has made her ebook a much-awaited boon for writers striving to come up with a winning book proposal.

Presenting an effective and compelling book proposal to win the interest of traditional publishers is a challenge that many budding writers face time and again. Patricia Kelley’s “7 Top Tips to Create a Screaming Hot Nonfiction Book Proposal” is a just in time guide for these writers. Her simple and effective tips, cutting down on the frills, and enriched with her insider’s experience of the trade and industry, have made this book a must read for writers struggling to present a winning book proposal.

A first time writer, who is faced with the practicality of the task due to less or no information, will find this book to be a treasure trove, brimming with useful and valuable information. As Kelley explained, “I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, which is extensive, and put it in an easy to read and understand guide to success. It contains everything in a nutshell.” 

In the words of award winning author, journalist and ghost-writer, Ed Robertson, “Patricia Kelley is an innovator with a passion for communications and a keen sense for helping authors market themselves best in this ever changing world of new media….” while author Alicia Cramer echoes the same sentiment over the book saying, “Patricia Kelley does an excellent job of outlining the key elements of a successful book proposal.”

Patricia brings her insider’s knowledge and information to the book creating an easy guide for the would-be writers and helping them write an effective book proposal. This internationally hailed and published author’s recent works include, The Easy Quick-Start Beginner Guide to Journaling, Channeling and Automatic Writing for Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperity, also available on Kindle, and an upcoming new series of ebooks on alternative methods to Stop, Heal and Prevent Cancer. She will also soon be releasing an ebook empowering those with a strong addiction recovery program to learn how to thrive beyond recovery.

“7 Top Tips to Create A Screaming Hot Nonfiction Book Proposal” by Patricia Kelley is simple and yet compelling read for writers striving to come up with nonfiction book proposals that attract publishing deals. The Kindle ebook is available at:


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